Covers of selected or hard-to-find booklets (some out of print)

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1. CBM materials

The Truth about Demons
and Spirits
Ruth Moore

The Truth about the Sabbath
Ruth Moore

War, Aggression and the Christian Life
Arthur East

Bible teaching about Voodoo,
Sorcery and Spirit Religions.
Alan Eyre

The Real Devil
Alan Hayward

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Harry Whittaker

The Sabbath
 Peter Watkins

War and politics 
- the Christian's duty
Peter Watkins

Did Jesus really come
down from Heaven?
Alan Hayward

The Kingdom of God
John S. Roberts

Christ in the Old Testament
Len Richardson

Problem of Suffering
Alan Hayward

Marriage in the Lord
David Pearce

CBM Principles of Marriage
Paul and Elisabeth Genders
(incorporates and updates those on right)

Christian Marriage
West Indies Edition
Alan and Mary Eyre

Rules for the sex life of Christadelphians
(no author  included in new booklet, see left)

Living the Truth
(Len Richardson?)

Starting a Christadelphian Ecclesia
(CBM Africa, 
second edition, 2002)

Developing the Ecclesia - Belonging to the body of Christ (C.Edwards, M.Owen, J.S.Roberts for CBM East Europe Committee, 2005)

A Guide to the conducting of Christadelphian Ecclesial Affairs (revision of Ecclesial Guide by Alan Eyre, Roy Lindo and Sydney Tomlinson 1965, 1971)

Preparing for Baptism original CBM edition
(India edition known as Q&A )


2. CALS materials

CALS Year 1 chart
CALS green notebook

CALS horizontal notebook
verso verso    

CALS Devil and Satan bill

CALS  Why you can trust the Bible bill

CALS Son of God bill

CALS how to be saved bill

Appeal to Roman Catholics
Alfred Norris

Appeal to Pentecostals
(John Thorpe)

Appeal to Muslims

Appeal to Mormons
(Leslie Johnson)

Choosing the right way

Life after death

Arabs and the Bible
(S. G. Owen)

Life on earth

What the world is coming to

The Bible Message~

You can rely on the Bible

Peace in the Middle East

Come to life with the Bible
CALS (verso A4)

Getting to know the unknown God
CALS (verso A4)

God's New World
John Morris

 Living after Death - a reality
John S. Roberts

The Promised Seed
Mark Sheppard

Looking for Jesus Christ 
John Morris

Great News for the World (book) Alan Hayward

Who cares about you?

The One Faith

7 Good Reasons

O.T. Morgan

Life after Death - the wonderful facts
Alan Hayward

Israel fulfills Bible Prophecy
David Budden

A King for Israel
Dennis Gillett

Moral Standards and the Present Day
Graham L. Wright

Can we be good 
without God?
Paul Wasson

What is the world 
coming to?

Tecwyn Morgan

A religion that 
makes sense

Peter Watkins

Countdown to 
Alan Hayward

The Resurrection of Christ 
Ron Mitchell

The Bible and Medicine
John Halliwell

Jesus Christ - Son of God
not God the Son, 
John Thorpe

The Truth about God
Peter Watkins

W. Alleyne:
Man who will rule the world

A. Nicholls:
God will judge the world

O.T. Morgan:
God calls respond or die

Harry Tennant:
The Bible was right

Bible lives forever

Alan Hayward
Full Gospel not half full

Peter Watkins
Life and death the facts

Harry Whittaker
Promises God never kept

Bible explains suffering
(short bill)

The Dead Sea Scrolls - a great
discovery (CALS)

Where does it lead?
(contains flowchart)

Meeting Christ's Challenge
John S. Roberts

Moral Standards - The Bible
The Only Authority, A.H. Nicholls

Which one would you like?
Sheila Hodgetts

The Bible and modern prejudice
Peter Watkins

The Great Troublemaker
(devil bill)

The Cross of Christ (summary)
Peter Watkins

The Truth about God
Peter Watkins 
(same as booklet)

Why I am not 
a Jehovah's Witness
Harry Whittaker

the Middle East and the Gospel

World Countdown - Christ
is coming
John Marshall

The Nuclear Age - Will man
survive? God's Answer
A.D. Norris

Why many scientists 
now believe in Creation - 
Alan Hayward


God's living Proof
David Pearce



3. CMPA materials 

Some of these booklets are still in print, and almost all are still in copyright. The Word .doc scans uploaded here are intended for use by fieldworkers and campaigners in preaching, where paper copies are not available. Otherwise Christadelphians are requested to please not take advantage of this by archive by downloading for personal use and avoiding paying the publisher.

Standard pamphlet series: purchase from the CMPA Office, or read online

The Resurrection of Christ
A.D. Norris

The Only Way of Salvation
H.A. Twelves
(1946, revised 1985)

The Bible Our Guide
H.W. Goldsbrough
(1904 revised 1995)

Crisis of the cross of Christ
Harry Tenannt
(see also P. Watkins title)

Ethiopia, Sudan and Bible Prophecy
Stephen Palmer 1984

Libya and Bible Prophecy
Stephen Palmer 

AIDS - Bible answers to today's questions. Dr. Stephen Palmer
(revised Sept.1988)

A Declaration
R.C. Bingley
revised 1981

The Christadelphian Instructor
Robert Roberts 
(revised 1974)

The Christadelphian Shield
(author unknown)

Ecclesial Guide
Robert Roberts 1883
(also CBM editions above)

Birmingham Amended
Statement of Faith 

The Constitution of the Birmingham Central
Christadelphian Ecclesia

Robert Roberts
Blood of Christ (revised)

The Family - the Divine perspective

Harry Tennant

Thoughts at the Breaking of Bread - John S. Roberts
(Christadelphian Magazine)

The Person of the Lord Jesus Christ -A.D. Norris 
(Christadelphian Magazine)

The Christian and War
J.B. Norris
(1954, revised 2003)

Dare any of you go to law...?
C.T. Butler (Military Service Committee, 2002)

The Gospel and Work
Dennis Gillett

The Gospel and Education
H.A. Twelves

The Gospel and Mammon
Cyril Cooper

The Gospel and Strife
Alfred Norris

The Gospel and Sex
John Allfree & Harry Tennant

 The Gospel and Politics
Alfred Norris

The Gospel in the Home
Sheila Wilson

The Disciple and Jury Service
H. A. Twelves

Right or Wrong?
(no author given, 
compilation of verses) 

Some Essentials 
of Bible Teaching
(author unknown)

The Personal Return of Jesus Christ
F.W. Turner

The Holy Spirit and the believer today
A.D. Norris 1975

Wise unto Salvation
A.D. Norris

The Things we Stand For
A.D. Norris

Christian Marriage 
H.A. Twelves
(1955 )

The Virgin Birth of the Son of God A. D. Norris 
(second edition, undated)

 Breaking of Bread 
R.T. Smalley

The God whom we worship
E. John Newman

The Grounds of Faith
Neville Smart

The Kingdom of God
Neville Smart

Christian Discipleship

The Authority of the Bible
L.G. Sargent

Melva Purkis (see below for version revised for India)

Coping with Bereavement
Joan Thomas

Christian Discipleship
Islip Collyer
(reprinted Testimony article)

Discipleship of Christ
Islip Collyer (not the same as Testimony article)

Bible and Modern Thought
Islip Collyer

The God we worship
Islip Collyer

The Meaning of Sacrifice
Islip Collyer

Israel and the Purpose of God
L.G. Sargent

Promises of God
F.E. Mitchell

Armageddon - the gathering storm FV Mitchell 

What do our troubled times mean? L.G. Sargent

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
John Carter 1935

John Carter
The Call of Christ

The God of the Bible
and the God of the Creeds
E.J. Newman 

Jesus the Son of God
E.J. Newman

Does it matter what we believe?
F.E. Lindars

Christ is Coming - Bible prophecy confirmed by World Events. Islip Collyer  (1951)

The Need for Belief
L.G. Sargent
(Dare we believe No.1)

The rise of Christianity
John Carter  

4 . Printland

Printland Publishers Ltd. produces two series of booklets; one, its own series for use both in South Asia and export. Most of the titles in the main Printland series can be viewed or downloaded at Other titles, including local edits of booklets for use in South Asia only, are uploaded here.

Message of the Bible
Linus and Susan Daniel
("Introduction to the Bible")

Jesus of Nazareth
Tim Galbraith

India Truth Camp 
Suggested verses for new speakers

True Baptism
David Caudery

The Wonder of Fellowship
David Caudery

Melva Purkis
(revised for South Asia)

CBM 22 Lesson Course
with multiple choice questions
South Asia edition

Bible Q&A (revision of CBM Preparing for Baptism) 
(original CBM edition )

It does matter what you
believe Dennis Gillett
(revised for South Asia)

5. Other publishers

The Christadelphians
(Author Unidentified)

John Allfree
Demons possession

Roman Catholic teaching contrasted
Bernard Burt

Coping with Depression
Margaret Howarth 
(Christadelphian Support Network)

Gospel Summaries
Herbert Norris

Must not Fight
Percy Bilton

Russia, Israel, Christ 
and You!
Percy Bilton

The Faith of the Christadelphians
Sheffield Ecclesia