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The most complete list of English materials can be found at http://christadelphianbooks.org/booklist.html 

Material original to this webpage
CBM 22 lesson course    Eileen Ashton. Update of old CBM 22 lesson course, India
Understand the Bible zip  Temporary upload for Tecwyn Morgan's new CBM book
God of all Ages      David Whitehouse. A simple book about God. 2005
South Asia Bible Weekend Notes (doc) verses for new speakers. 7 classes x 50 verses each
New Bible Fingerposts   

Anon. Updated and revised version of the bookmark series

The rest of this page lists resources that have proved helpful - mainly from CBM and CALS. Most CMPA material is not listed here as it is available elsewhere. The same goes for booklets in the Printland series which can be found here. Some of the booklets listed are out of print, and some e-texts, where indicated, have been edited / updated for use in Asia.  To help users in identifying some of the out of print or rarer booklets an incomplete visual cover index is here. There is no intention at this stage to put the majority of these older booklets into e-format. Their listing is for reference only.

CBM, c/o 404 Shaftmoor Lane, Birmingham B28 8SZ, England

Basic Bible Teaching series (see below) CBM (from CD Rom). 12 lessons, 21 leaflets foldout A4
Philippians Study Guide zip CBM (from CD Rom). 10 lessons, each four sides A4
The truth about the Holy Spirit Gifts Anon. (UK sister rev. of HAW booklet) A5 white green print
The truth about demons and evil spirits htm Anon. A5
The truth about the Sabbath Anon. (rev, of Sabbath booklet below) A5. white text purple print
Living the Truth - practical principles for life in Christ htm 75 sections. Len Richardson. A6 size blue booklet
War, aggression and the Christian life Arthur East. A5 pale beige 
The real Devil (original)
The real Devil revised for China htm
Alan Hayward. A5 red cover. 
Revised for translation into Chinese.
War and Politics - the Christian's duty Peter Watkins. A5 orange
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit pdf (K scan) Harry Whittaker A5 green
The Sabbath Peter Watkins A5 purple
Voodoo, Sorcery and Spirit Religions Alan Eyre. A5 beige
The Principles of Christian Marriage  new in 2004
Ecclesial Guide 1883 
Ecclesial Guide (CBM) 1992
Fwd  H.Tennant, ed. A.Eyre, R.Lindo, S.Tomlinson 1971,1992
Preparing  for  Baptism (CBM) see expanded India Q&A booklet

CALS, PO Box 10817 Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 6AD, England

God's living proof David Pearce.  A5 blue. 1948 Israel - 1848 Elpis Israel
Living after death - a reality John S. Roberts (CALS). Plain text only of colourful booklet.
God's New World John Morris
The resurrection of Christ - what it means to you Ron Mitchell (CALS) orange cover
Did Jesus really come down from heaven? htm Alan Hayward (CALS). A5 red. only booklet on preexistence.
The problem of suffering pdf (K scan) Alan Hayward (CALS) A5 famine picture on cover
Full Gospel - or half full pdf (K scan) Alan Hayward A6 blue cover
The Bible and medicine doc
The Bible and medicine + China preface doc
John Hellawell (CALS 1998) 
with new preface for Chinese edition.
The Bible was right Harry Tennant. A6 booklet red brick white lettering  82pp
A living faith for a dying world pdf (K scan) Peter Watkins. A6 booklet sky blue white lettering 32pp
The man who will rule the world doc Wilfred Alleyne A6 booklet
Why I am not a Jehovah's Witness Harry Whittaker. A6.
Promises God never kept pdf (K scan) Harry Whittaker
God calls - respond or die... doc O.T. Morgan A6 black blue
God will judge the world doc Alfred Nicholls. A6 newspaper with atomic mushroom on cover
Moral standards - The Bible the only authority Alfred Nicholls.
Bible Reading Planner book Anon. notes to the step 1-6 (step 7 being full Bible Companion)
Bible Reading Planner chart Chart. Week 1 = Ps.19, Gn1, Lk2, 1Co13, Mk.4, Ec.3, 2Tim3 
Your Bible Guide folder Intro to 66 books 4-fold bookmark
My faith - a message to my friends  small beige bookmark. large scans of both sides here

Printland Publishers. GPO Box 159, Hyderabad 500001, India 
series on: www.christadelphia.org/printland.htm

Live now! Live forever!! Bob Lloyd (Printland)
The Bible or the Church? Ken Camplin (Printland)
Do this in remembrance of me (doc) Peter Islip (Printland) 
Forgiveness (right click to download rtf file) David Levin (Printland) 
The Thief on the Cross   Steve Cox (Printland) 
The Day of Judgement Stephen Izzard (Printland) 
The Holy Spirit - a power or a person? (doc) Mike Bull (Printland) 
Message of the Bible doc Linus and Susan Daniel (PO Box 535 Bangalore 560005)
Jesus of Nazareth Tim Galbraith

, 404 Shaftmoor Lane, Birmingham B28 8SZ, England   for current series see: www.christadelphia.org/pamphlet.htm

The breaking of bread doc RT Smalley (out of print) A5 blue cover updated for use in India
Conversion htm Melva Purkis (out of print) A5  updated for use in India
The resurrection of Christ htm Alfred Norris. A6. beige, new ed. pale violet cover
The grounds of faith htm Neville Smart (Watford talk 1967) A5 white cover 
God whom we worship doc E.J. Newman (1954 rev. 1967) A5 beige cover
The Kingdom of God Neville Smart (1955, 1965, 1973) A5  orange cover
Christian Discipleship doc H.A. Twelves (1954, 1968) A5  pale blue cover
The Person of the Lord Jesus Christ Alfred Norris (1985 in print) A5 beige
Christian Marriage doc H.A. Twelves (1955, 1968, 1983) A5 pale beige cover
The Call of Christ - his offer of life doc John Carter (undated) A6 grey
The Christadelphian Shield link Wrested Scriptures type small white/green booklet
God of the Bible and God of the Creeds E.J. Newman
The Christian and War  J.B. Norris
Jesus the Son of God  E.J. Newman
Right or Wrong? ..the standard  on moral behaviour Anon. verses from JB Philips version
The Gospel and Sex Harry Tennant & John Allfree
The Gospel and Education Harry Tennant
The Gospel and Mammon  Cyril Cooper
The Gospel and Politics Alfred Norris
The Gospel and Work  D Gillett
The Gospel and Strife   Alfred Norris
Coping with bereavement Joan Thomas A5
The family - the divine perspective Michael Ashton & Harry Tennant.  A5  beige

Other publishers 

Christadelphians - Who.. and what do they believe? Anon. A5  white cover with print of Genesis 1 (no address)
The things we stand for Alfred Norris A6 beige (Aletheia)
Christian discipleship Islip Collyer A6 green (Testimony)
The destiny of Israel John Bedson A5  (Lightstand, Manchester)
Building a marriage link Christadelphian Care Group
Coping with depression doc Margaret Howarth  A5 blue (Christadelphian Care Group)
Demon Possession (unformatted scan doc John Allfree A5 blue (Bible Study Publications NG19 6NE)
The devil and demons - a new approach link Bill Davison

For links to bigger sites see main page. We are always on the look out for links to useful, basic, clear, teaching resources, and willing to host more downloads.


CBM downloads from the CBM CD ROM

CBM New Life in Christ course pdfs (14 lessons).
00 - introduction 04 - prayer 08 - the tongue 12 - disciple and the state
01 - baptism a new start 05 - fellowship 09 - honesty 13 - suffering and poverty
02 - problem of sin 06 - breaking of bread 10 - self control 14 - grace of God
03 - word in our lives 07 - ecclesial organisation 11 - marriage and family


CBM Basic Bible Teaching course pdfs (12 lessons).
Each lesson is a single double-sided A4 sheet in portrait format
01 - the Bible 04 - promises 07 - life of Jesus 10 - baptism
02 - creation 05 - the Jews 08 - death of Jesus 11 - kingdom
03 - Adam's sin 06 - birth of Jesus 09 - salvation 12 - next steps
CBM Basic Bible Teaching leaflet pdfs (currently 21 subjects)
Each prints as a doublesided A4 foldout in landscape format
Baptism Jesus Christ is coming back  The Christadelphians What a Christian should believe
Coping with poverty Life after death The devil What Christadelphians believe
God's plan for the world Money, the root of all evil The Holy Spirit Why did Jesus have to die?
God's promises Resurrection and judgement The Jews in God's purpose  
Heaven and hell Should a Christian fight? The resurrection of Jesus  
Jerusalem The Bible The Sabbath  

Note - these pdf files are taken (with permission) from the 2005 version of the CBM resources CD-ROM.  The CD-Rom also contains the CBM Philippians Study Guide (see zip file above), the CBM New Life in Christ Course (above), as well as the lessons, questions and references for the CBM 40 Lesson Correspondence Course - currently under revision. The files may be used freely without alteration. Contact www.cbm.org.uk  

Christadelphian Bible Mission Literature lists:

ACBM Asian language literature list http://www.god-so-loved-the-world.org/acbm_lit_list.htm
CBM English language list and 2005 order form  www.cbm.org.uk/CBM Lit OrderForm 2005.pdf
CBM foreign literature list : 1. African, 2. European, 3. Middle East www.god-so-loved-the-world.org/cbm_lit_list.htm
CBMA literature list : see section 2. of above and also http://www.labiblia.com/zlitindx.htm

Sister sites:

French materials (beta) Chinese materials (this link is to the teachers page)
www.god-so-loved-the-world.org/french.html www.shengjing.org/teachers,htm  
Spanish materials (beta) Mongolian materials (beta)
www.god-so-loved-the-world.org/spanish.html www.god-so-loved-the-world.org/mongolian.htm