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វីដេអូ - សេចក្ដីណែនាំអំពីព្រះយេស៊ូវ
Video – Introducing Jesus (Khmer dubbing)
Sechakdeinenam ampi preahYesaouv

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តើព្រះយេស៊ូវគ្រិស្តពិតជា យាងចុះពីស្ថានបរមសុខមែនឬ?

Tae preahyesaouv krist pitchea yeangchoh pi sthan baromsokh men ryy?
Did Jesus really come down from Heaven? by Alan Hayward.
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Q&A ព្រះគម្ពីបរិសុទ្ធ: សំណួរនិងចំលើយ
Q&A preah kompi brisotth: saamnuor ning chamleuy
Bible Q&A – CBM Preparing for Baptism

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