ACBM Asian Language Literature List

1. This list is available on the internet at

2. The owner of this document is  Bro. D Caudery of Melbourne ACBM. List updated June 2nd 2005 by Bro S. Cox

3. Please note that inclusion in the list does not indicate current availability in print. Many of these items exist only in photocopy form. A web page entry means that some of the listed literature is downloadable in pdf or document format but will sometimes require fonts in the case of non-Latin alphabet languages.

4. Sources of Bibles and Bible Tapes: ‘UBS’- United Bible Societies. ‘SWOG’- Spoken Word of God, Orlando, Florida. .‘ASI’- Audio Scriptures International.

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Glad Tidings


ASSAMESE (22m speakers in Assam State, NE India, uses Bengali script)

BIBLE 1993 also AUDIO : NT ASI 0004060NT1000

BALINESE č INDONESIAN (4m speakers on traditionally Hindu island of Bali, Indonesia)

NT 1978-1989 (no audio)

BATAK TOBA č INDONESIAN (dialect spoken on Sumatra, Indonesia)

AUDIO : NT ASI 0159075NT1000

BENGALI (70m speakers in NE India, 110m in Bangladesh)

BIBLE : Old version and Revised Version. One of these available as AUDIO : New Testament ASI 0010080NT1000
BIBLE : Muslim version
also AUDIO : Bengali (Musalmani) New Testament ASI 0011775NT1000

BANGLA, BENGALI (70m speakers in NE India, 110m in Bangladesh)

BIBLE : Old version and Revised Version. One of these available as AUDIO : New Testament ASI 0010080NT1000
BIBLE : Muslim version
also AUDIO : Bengali (Musalmani) New Testament ASI 0011775NT1000

Bible Basics
God’s Truth – A. Hayward
God Is – A. Hayward
A Life of Jesus

Searching for Bible Truth Book 1
Searching for Bible Truth Book 2
Searching for Bible Truth Book 3
Searching for Bible Truth Book 4
Accompanying Question sheets
Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Distance L. Course
Getting to Know Your Bible
Accompanying ‘Green Cards’
Accompanying ‘Self Correction sheets’
Sunday Teachers Notes – 52 lessons
Sunday School Activity books 5 parts

Now for the Good News
The Bible Our Guide
Key to Understanding the Bible
Olivet Prophecy
Christadelphians - Bros and Sis in Christ
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Simple Truth
The Wonder of Fellowship
The Baptism Jesus Accepts
One God or a Trinity?
The Thief on the Cross
One Bible Many Churches, Why?
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
The Cross Of Christ 
The Breaking Of Bread
Bible Q and A
Living the Truth
Your Share In God's Promises
Israel - God's Land, God's People
Discipleship Of Christ
Heaven And Hell
War And Politics - The Christians Duty
Getting To Know God

Resurrection (Easter Article)
7 things you need to know
Is God a Trinity? (BBT leaflet)
The coming world kingdom/order
If we have faith...
Life and Death – what does the Bible teach?
Your Kingdom Come
Why Preach?
26 Points ‘Original Gospel’
Walking the New Life – R Hicks (Devotional for Members only)
Does the Trinity agree with the Bible? Jeff Berry
The Original Gospel (Blue leaflet)
Heaven and Hell (BBT)
The Devil (BBT)
Bible Basics Leaflets 1-4
Bible Basics Leaflets 5-10

STUDY NOTES (1 side of A4)
Israel’s scattering and return
Glorify your Father who is in heaven
Final Call of Jesus to a Jewish World
Map of NT
Bible Reading Chart
God’s plan for the World chart
Daniel 2 Chart
God’s Character

Feedback ‘Christian Life’ weekend
The Christian and Work
The Christian and Leisure
‘Searching for Truth’ Multiple Choice Questions

BATAK TOBA č INDONESIAN (dialect spoken on Sumatra, Indonesia)

AUDIO : NT ASI 0159075NT1000

BIHARI č HINDI (Bihari is a cover term for a language group in northern India including Bhojpuri, 25m Magahi 10m Maithili 22m written in Kaithi script. But note that official language of Bihar State is Hindi)

BIBLE portions only (no audio)

BISLAMA (form of pidgin English with 150,000 speakers in Vanuatu, but all speakers also speak English)

BIBLE 1998 (paraphrase)

BURMESE (30m speakers in Union of Myanmar, which used to be called Burma)

BIBLE : Judson Version (no audio) Translated from KJV and never revised. Only Asian version with 1John4 comma.

Does God hear Prayer? (M Owen CMPA)
One Gospel (?)
Why does God allow suffering (Sargent CMPA)
Heaven and Hell (Fifield CMPA)
After death-what? (Pearce CMPA)
The Son of God or God the son (Pearce CMPA)
The spirit of God (?)

also known as KHMER (6m in Cambodia 1m in N Thailand)

BIBLE : UBS also AUDIO : Khmer New Testament ASI 0098330NT1000

Khmer pamphlet : ???

CANTONESE č CHINESE (The Mandarin vs. Cantonese distinction is only relevant to Audio. The written language is the same except for the fonts).

AUDIO : NT Cantonese reading of Union Version [Hehe-ben] SWOG or UBS also ASI

CEBUANO (Cebu Island, south of Phillipines)

BIBLE and AUDIO : NT ASI 0126120NT1000

Christadelphian Instructor (Roberts) [Ang Christadelphian Nga Magtudlo]
Does it Matter what we Believe? (Mansfield) [Mahinungdanon Ba Nga Atong Masayran Kon Unsa Ang Atong Gituohan]
Are you Immortal? (Pablo Diez) Imortal Ba Ako?

CHIN also known as TIDDIM and ZOKAM (500,000 speakers in Chin Hills Burma, and Mizoram, India)

BIBLE : New Zokam Version AUDIO : 0160630NT1000

Pamphlet : Does God hear Prayer? (M Owen) (in preparation)

CHINESE - MANDARIN (1.2 billion speakers of Mandarin in Peoples Republic of China, plus 25m speakers in Taiwan. Mandarin, which is based on Beijing speech, is understood even in Guangzhou where the colloquial speech is Cantonese. Only in Hong Kong is Mandarin not spoken widely).

SIMPLIFIED CHARACTERS: used on the mainland since 1950s. Now being used more in Singapore, New Zealand etc.

BIBLE : CUV Union Version [Hehe-ben] (official Bible of the Church of China, but some very archaic vocabulary and grammar)
BIBLE : TCV Todays Chinese Version [Xiandai-ben] (reasonable version, now available in China and becoming more popular)
BIBLE : NCV New Chinese Version [Xinyi ben] (Worldwide Bible Society - good version, available in jianti characters in HK, but not printed in China)
BIBLE : Living Bible (loose paraphrase - not widely used in HK and not available in China)

BIBLE : CUV Pinyin NT (for use of foreigners - has English pronunciation and tones written in above the characters)
AUDIO : Mandarin NT Cassettes [Hehe-ben] SWOG via UBS, also editions by ASI and Taiwan Baptist Church.

WWW - most of following can be downloaded from

This list will not be as  up to date as the website, however worth noting the following:

22 Lesson Bible Course (CBM) 
Acts Course (CBM) 
Matthew Course (CBM)
Exploring the Bible (David Evans CSSS) 
Introduction to the Bible Course (London, revised for China)
Booklet worksheet course (San Francisco, CMPA)
Senior Sunday School Lessons (Australia CSSA)

The Bible, the Lord Jesus and You (John Roberts CALS) 
Bible Dictionary (David Whitehouse PRINTLAND / Version for Chinese audience ) 
Creation and Science (John Collyer TESTIMONY) 
Wrested Scriptures (Ron Abel CBMA)
Ephesians - Portrait of the Saint (John Marshall CMPA)  
Exhortations - May you know it to be true (Dennis Gillett CMPA) 
The Christadelphians - what they believe and teach (new 2004 edition, Tennant CMPA) - in translation
Parables of the Messiah (John Carter CMPA) - in preparation
Women of the Bible (various authors, CMPA) - scheduled for translation

After death - what? (Fred Pearce, CMPA)
Angels God's servants (Ian Budden, Printland) 
Angels that sinned (Steve Cox, Printland)

Bible and Medicine ( John Hellawell, CALS) 
Bible Prophecy (Fred Pearce CMPA) 
Christ in the Old Testament (Harry Tennant, CMPA)
Cross of Christ (Peter Watkins, CMPA) 
Did Jesus really come down from heaven? (Alan Hayward CALS)
Divine Origin of the Bible (Fred Pearce, CMPA) 
Do Christians need priests? (Mike Ashton, CMPA) 
Do This in Remembrance Of Me (Peter Islip, Printland) 
Does God Hear Prayer? (Michael Owen, CMPA) 
End of the world (Sheila Harris, CMPA)
Forgiveness (David Levin, Printland)
Getting to know God (Fred Pearce, CMPA) 
Introducing the Christadelphians (Rob Hyndman, Printland) 
Israel - God's people God's land (David Pearce, CMPA) 
Jesus - God the Son or Son of God? (Fred Pearce, CMPA)
Kingdom of God on earth (Stanley Owen CMPA) 
Life of a True Christian (Mike Bull, Printland) 
Middle East and Bible Prophecy (Stephen Palmer CMPA)
Miracle of the Bible (Reg Carr CMPA) 
One Bible, Many Churches (Dennis Gillett CMPA)
Questions and Answers before Baptism (CBM, new Chinese version revised 2002)
Real Devil (Alan Hayward CALS, adapted and edited for China)
Resurrection - Living after death; a reality (John Roberts, CMPA) 
Resurrected to Judgment (Mike Ashton, CMPA)
Second Coming of Christ (Deryck Nightingale, Pakuranga Ecclesia)
Who is Jesus? (Paul Zilmer, Printland)
Why baptism really matters (Fred Pearce, CMPA)
Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Louis Sargent, CMPA) 
Your share in God's promises (David Pearce, CMPA)

My Faith bill (CALS)
Original Gospel bill (Charles French), 
Lords Prayer bill (Andrew Wallace, Hong Kong Ecclesia) 
Newton on the Trinity (Sir Isaac Newton)
Glad Tidings A4-size bill (UK)

over 100 exhortations in archive - mainly bilingual
Bilingual study powerpoints in zip file on website
Hymnlist : Chinese/English (based on PRC hymnbook)

TRADITIONAL CHARACTERS (Used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia)

BIBLE : all four versions are available in Traditional characters.
AUDIO : Cantonese NT [Hehe-ben] SWOG

Please note that all the materials on the website can also be printed off in traditional characters to order.


DZONGKHA (National language of Bhutan spoken by 500,000 of 700,000 population, but only 20% literate. Related to Tibetan)

Bible portions 1970. UBS work in progress.

FALAM č CHIN (dialect spoken around Falam in Burma)

FARSI (main language of Iran see CBM list Sec.3)

Farsi: What is the Gospel? (Heaster)
Farsi: The Commandments Of Christ
Farsi: The Love Of Christ
Farsi: The Transfiguration Of Christ
Farsi: The death of the cross

FIJIAN (Pacific Islands : Fiji) contact Suva Ecclesia


Bill : ??? [Ai Nui Nui Walega e Vuravura]

FOOCHOW č CHINESE (old spelling for the dialect of Chinese spoken in mainland around Fuzhou)

AUDIO Foochow New Testament ASI 0018175NT1000

FRENCH (Pacific Islands : Reunion, Nouvelle Caledonie, Tahiti)

Extensive resources, contact UK CBM

GUJERATI (50m speakers in Gujarat state NW India. Uses Gujarati script)

BIBLE and AUDIO : Gujerati New Testament ASI 0020215NT1000

HAINANESE (dialect of CHINESE spoken on Hainan Island)

AUDIO : NT ASI 0107220NT1000

HINDI (200~300m speakers in northern India, second language status elsewhere. State language of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh. Hindi is closely related to Urdu but Hindi uses Devanagari script and some Sanskrit vocabulary, while Urdu takes both script and loanwords from Arabic)

BIBLE : OV (Old Version) Only available in AUDIO from ASI 0023240NT1000 (not SWOG/UBS see below)
BIBLE : RV (no tapes)
BIBLE : Lockman (out of print but still available as AUDIO from SWOG/UBS)

Contact Hyderabad Office for Booklets
CBM 22 Lesson Correspondence Course

One God or Trinity- (Printland Series James and Deb Flint) Parmeshwar ek ya anek?
The Holy Spirit Power or Person? (Printland Series Mike Bull) Parmeshwar ki aathma
It does matter what you believe (CMPA Dennis Gillet) Kya hum kuch bhi vishwash kar sakthe hai?
After Death What? (CMPA F Pearce) Mruthyu ke baad kya hai?
Divine origin of the Bible (CMP F. Pearce) Bibleki divyu uthpaththi 
Kingdom of Heaven on Earth-(T) Stephen Hughes Samasth prithvi par parmeshwar ka raajyu
Christadelphians (Hyndman)
Live now, Live Forever- (Lloyd) Abhi jeevith rahe, sada jeevith rahe
Seven (7) things you ought to know (anon) Saath cheeze jis aap ko avashyu jaan na chahi e
What is the Gospel? Charles French Subh samaachar – Kush khabr
Living the truth (CALS) Sachchai me jeevan vyatheeth karna. 

HING HWA (dialect of CHINESE spoken around Puxian)

AUDIO : ASI Hing Hwa NT ASI 0152245NT1000

HMAR (tribal language spoken in Assam, Mizoram, NEIndia, 90% literacy)

BIBLE and AUDIO : NT ASI 0024250NT1000

HMONG (tribal language in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand)

BIBLE and AUDIO : NT ASI 0025255NT1000

HOKKIEN (dialect of CHINESE)

AUDIO : NT ASI 0027260NT1000

IBAN (tribal language spoken in Borneo : Sarawak - Malaysia, Kalimantan - Indonesia, and Brunei)

AUDIO : NT ASI 0113270NT1000

ILOCANO (Northern Phillipines)

BIBLE : Popular Version 1973 also AUDIO : New Testament 0143275NT1000

Preparing for Baptism (CBM) [Panangisagana ti pammautizar]
Pamphlet : Baptism (HP Mansfield) [Bautismo Kasapulan iti Pannakaisalakan]

INDONESIAN (30m mother tongue speakers plus 140m second language users with varying levels of speaking and reading proficiency across Indonesia. Language is almost identical with MALAY) Available from D Baird, Cabramatta.

BIBLE : AV from Bible Society of Indonesia Version 1974 and AUDIO : NT set ASI 0029290NT1000
Today's Indonesian Version AUDIO : NT ASI 0029280NT1000

Indonesian Christadelphian Hymnbook
Bible school notes 1997 ???
Bible school notes 1998 ???

Course : 22 Lesson Bible Course (CBM). [Kursus Tertulis Alkitab Christadelphia]
Course : Introducing Bible Basics (old Dawn course 1970s)

Pamphlet : Commandments of Christ (R Roberts) [Hukum-hukum Keristus]
Pamphlet : Commandments of Christ/Readings [Ringkasan dari Hukum Keristus]
Pamphlet : Daily Reading Chart (Roberts) [Masuknja FirmanMu Memberikan Delita]
Book : The Christadelphians (H Tennant) (in preparation)
Booklet : God’s Plan with Man (Harold Wright) [Rentjana Allah dengan Manusia]
Booklet : Declaration (Ralph Bingley) [Deklarasi]
Pamphlet : The Bible, our Guide (RC Bingley) [Alkitab - Pedoman kami]
Pamphlet : Future of the World (P Watkins) [Bagaimana Hari Depan Dunia?]
Pamphlet : Facing the facts about God [Menghadapi Fakta Fakta megenai Allah, Yesus, Diri kita Sendiri, san Masa Depan]
Pamphlet : Is there a Devil? [Apakah Setan dan Iblis?]
Pamphlet : Right or Wrong? (L Richardson) [Benar atau Salah?]
Pamphlet : Does it Matter what we Believe? [Mendjadi Soalkah Kepertja-Jaan Kita?]
Pamphlet : The True Life [Hidup Menurut Kebenaran]
Bill : Original Gospel (1960s, old spelling) [Kabar Kesukaan Jang Benar Mula-Mula]
Bill : Basics concerning the Kingdom of God (C. French) [Alasan Alasan Mengapa Keradjaan Tuhan]
Bill : Baptism [Baptis]
Bill : Do I have an immortal soul? [Punyakah Aku, Jiwa tak berkematian?]
Bill : Jesus Christ [Jesus Kristus]
Bill : God is One [Allah Adalah Satu]
Bill : A covering for sin [Penutup Dosa]
Bill : Abraham [Abraham]

JAPANESE (130m speakers)

BIBLE : Classical Version [Keigo-yaku]
BIBLE : Colloquial Version [Kogo-yaku]
BIBLE : New Ecumenical Version [Shin Kyodo-yaku]
BIBLE : NT Japanese/English NJB/NKJV Softcover UBS #42862 - $10.30
AUDIO : NT ASI 0030300NT1000 also
individual OT/NT tapes & CDs Bible Society of Japan

Correspondence Course (Logos 20 lesson)
Book : Bible Basics (Heaster)
Pamphlet : Common Sense View of Religion (HP Mansfield)
Pamphlet : Man Promised The World (HP Mansfield)
Pamphlet : Our Sick Society (HP Mansfield)
Pamphlet : Earthquakes (HP Mansfield)

Other publisher : Are The New Testament Documents Reliable? (F.F. Bruce)


AUDIO : Javanese New Testament ASI 0031305NT1000

KANNADA (45m speakers in Karnatka, western India. Script is similar to Telugu).

BIBLE : UBS (no audio)

Course : CBM 22 Lesson Correspondence Course
Pamphlet : ???
Pamphlet : ???
Pamphlet : ???
Pamphlet : ???
Magazine : Subha Varthe (Jayavantha?)

KHASI (500,000 in tribal areas of Khasia and Jaintia Hills in upland Assam State in NE India)

BIBLE : Bible Society of India Edition 1891. Common language Bible in progress.


KOREAN (40m speakers South Korea, 22m North Korea, 5m Yanbian Prefecture in NE China)

Many items can be downloaded from :

BIBLE : Revised Version [Hangul Kaeyok]
BIBLE : New Bible Society Version [Sae Ponyok] (only available direct from Bible Society)
BIBLE : Modern Man Version [Hyundai In] (paraphrase)
AUDIO : OT/NT Cassettes [Hangul Kaeyok] various versions, Korean local, ASI and SWOG

Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith
Commandments of Christ (R Roberts)
Index Rerum (Ralph Bingley)
Declaration (ed. Roberts)
Bible Reading Companion (R Roberts)
Korean Christadelphian Hymnbook
Pre-Baptismal Course : Things Essential for Baptism (CSSS, B Luke)
Book : Bible Basics (D Heaster) - under revision
Book : Christendom Astray (R Roberts)
Book : Hebrews (J Carter)
Book : Key to Understanding the Scripture (HP Mansfield)
Book : New Life (J Marshall)
Book : Phanerosis (J Thomas)
Book : Spirit (A Crawford) (section)
Course : Bible and Israel I-III
Children's Book : Abraham's Journey

Pamphlet : Common Sense view of Religion (HPMansfield)
Pamphlet : Cross of Christ (P Watkins)
Pamphlet : Did Jesus really come down from Heaven? (A Hayward)
Pamphlet : Gifts of Holy Spirit (H Whittaker)
Pamphlet : Handel's Messiah (HP Mansfield)
Pamphlet : Israel - God’s people, God’s land (David Pearce)
Pamphlet : Lord's Prayer (HP Mansfield)
Pamphlet : Man Promised the World (HP Mansfield)
Pamphlet : Psalms (B Philp Snr.) (in preparation)

Other publisher : Who moved the Stone? (Morrison)
Other publisher : Are The New Testmament Documents Reliable? (F.F. Bruce)
Other publisher : Bible Mapbook (Lion Books)

LAHU (450,000 in Yunnan China; 125,000 in Myanmar, plus 28,000 in northern Thailand)

Bible 1989. NT 1932-1962. Bible portions 1924-1962.

LAO č see THAI (only 3m of population 4.5m speak Lao which is same as NE dialect of Thai spoken by 15m in Thailand, the remaining 1.1m speak various Austro-Asiatic languages)

BIBLE : 1932 NT revised 1973

LISU (600,000 in Yunnan China, 130,000 Burma, 16,000 Chiangmai N Thailand)

BIBLE :1968-1986. NT 1938-1978. Bible portions 1921-1950.

LUN BAWANG, or LUNDAYEH (spoken in Kalimantan, Indonesia)

AUDIO : Lun Bawang New Testament 0111390NT1000

MALAYALAM (38m speakers in Kerala, southwest India. Uses Malayalam script) Available from Secretary Bro. T.V. George in Angamali.

BIBLE : New India Bible Version UBS51801~5 also AUDIO : NT ASI 0052410NT1000

Course : CBM 22 Lesson Correspondence Course
Book : (Joykutty)
Pamphlet : Appeal to Roman Catholics
Pamphlet : Devil
Pamphlet : Jehovahs Witnesses
Pamphlet : Kingdom of God
Pamphlet : Nature of Man
Pamphlet : Trinity
Pamphlet : Tongues of Angels (Cox)


BIBLE - only slightly different spelling from Indonesian version (AUDIO same as Indonesian)

MAORI (New Zealand)



MARATHI (70m speakers in Mumbai/Bombay, Maharashtra, NW India. Uses Devanagari script like Hindi. Major language with the highest newspaper circulation of all Indian languages).

BIBLE : RV and AUDIO : NT 0054430NT1000

Pamphlets : 
Introducing the Christadelphians (Hyndman)

ARI č see Hindi (15m speakers in Rajasthan, India, but official language is Hindi). Devanagari script.

BIBLE : NT only

MIEN (tribal language in Thailand and Vietnam)

BIBLE and AUDIO : NT ASI 0095440NT1000

MIZO (spoken in MIZORAM India)

BIBLE and AUDIO : NT 0055445NT1000

MONGOLIAN (3m speakers in Mongolia)

BIBLE UBS (no audio)|
BIBLE modern NT (paraphrase)

Book : Bible Basics (Heaster)
Pamphlet : Why does God allow suffering (CMPA)

NAGA, also called AO NAGA (1m speakers in tribal areas of Assam, Nagaland in NE India)

BIBLE : UBS also AUDIO New Testament ASI 0003000NT1000

NEPALI, also called NEPALESE (10m speakers in Nepal, 6m in India)

BIBLE : Old Version
BIBLE : RV also AUDIO : Matthew (3 cassettes) ASI 0061001MT2000

COURSE : 22 lesson (CBM)
Bill : Resurrection (J Fowler)
Bill : The Bible and Salvation (J Fowler)
Bill : God our Judge (JF)
Bill : Old Testament History (JF)
Bill : Good News (based on Glad Tidings bill)
Bill : Beliefs of Christadelphians (Watkins/Sturman)
Bill : What is Death? (JF) (in translation)


ORIYA (30m speakers in Orissa and Bihar states India. Uses Oriya script).

BIBLE also AUDIO New Testament ASI 0066520NT1000

PANGASINAN (NW Philippines)

BIBLE also AUDIO : NT ASI 0225530NT1000

Preparing for Baptism (CBM) [Manpaparaan ed Panbinyag]
Pamphlet : Glory to God (HP Mansfield) [Gawa Yo Ya Amin Ed Gloria Na Dios]
Pamphlet : Christadelphians (HP Mansfield) [Say Pananisia Na Ecclesia Christadelphian]
Pamphlet : Born-Agains (HP Mansfield) [Saray Nepeg Ya Imanoen na Sakey a Born-Again]
Pamphlet : Rome (HP Mansfield) [Say Naapag-apag kasin Kristianismo Makapangilaban?]
Pangasinan Christadelphian Hymnbook

PANJABI also spelt PUNJABI (90m in Punjab NW India, and Pakistan. Written in Gurmukhi script)

BIBLE : Old Version
BIBLE : Common Language NT also AUDIO : NT ASI

Pamphlets: None yet

PASHTO  main language of Afghanistan (see CBM list  section 3)


PIDGIN (Papua New Guinea)



SANTALI also spelt SANTHALI (1m speakers in Assam, hills of NE India)

BIBLE 1914-1987

SIKKIMESE č see DZONGKHA (36,000 speakers in Sikkim. Partially intelligible with Dzongkha language of Bhutan)

SINDHI (20m speakers. The major language of Pakistan but the official language is Urdu. Both Arabic and Gurumukhi scripts used).


SINHALA also called SINHALESE (15m speakers in Sri Lanka)

BIBLE : RV (no audio)

22 lesson Bible Postal Course (CBM)

After Death What? (Pearce, CMPA)
Bible Companion (CALS)
Bible our Guide (Bingley CMPA)
Bible Prophecy
(Pearce CMPA)
Bible Q & A (Printland India Edition, formerly CBM’s “Preparing for Baptism”)
Bible Reading Planner (Roberts)
Christ is Coming
(Tecwyn Morgan, CMPA)
Cross of Christ (Peter Watkins, CMPA)
Divine Origin of the Bible (Reg Carr, CMPA)
Do Christians need Priests? (Mike Ashton, CMPA)
God is One not a Trinity (James & Deb Flint, Printland)
God our Father (Mark Drabbenstott, Printland)
Holy Spirit – power or person? (Mike Bull, Printland)
Israel and the Purpose of God (CMPA booklet, South Asia edition)
Kingdom of God on Earth (Stanley Owen CMPA)
Living the Truth (Len Richardson? CMPA)
Raised to Judgment (Mike Ashton, CMPA)
Salvation (James & Deb Flint, Printland)
The Christadelphians (Rob Hyndman, Printland)
Tongues of Angels (Steve Cox, Printland)
Who is Jesus?
(Paul Zilmer, Printland)
Why Baptism really matters (Fred Pearce, CMPA)
Why does God allow suffering? (Louis Sargent, CMPA)
Your adversary the devil (F.E. Mitchell, edited for Sri Lanka)
Your Share in God’s Promises (David Pearce CMPA)

5 more in process of translation

SUNDANESE č see INDONESIAN (30m speakers in western two-thirds of Java Island, most also speak Indonesian)

Bible 1891; New Testament 1877-1978. Common language Bible complete (1987)

TAGALOG (Philippines National Language - also known as PILIPINO)

AUDIO : NT Cassettes both from SWOG and ASI

Correspondence Course (40 lesson CBM) (in preparation)
ACBM Sunday School Notes, Junior Yr.1 Itala Ng Mga Pala-Aral
ACBM Sunday School Notes, Junior Yr.2 Itala Ng Mga Pala-Aral

Book : Elpis Israel Part 1 (J Thomas) [Elpis Israel]
Book : Christendom Astray (R Roberts)
Book : Christadelphians - what they believe and teach (H Tennant)
Book : Bible Basics (D Heaster)

Booklet : Preparing For Baptism [Pagahanda sa bautismo]
Pamphlet : Commandments of Christ/Readings (R Roberts) [Nibulsan Asigek Ya Ganggan Nen Cristo Jesus]
Pamphlet : Christadelphians (HP Mansfield) [Ang Mga Christadelphian]
Pamphlet : Declaration (RC Bingley) [Pahayag]
Pamphlet : Eternal Life on Earth (HP Mansfield) [Ang Buhay na Walang Hanggan]
Pamphlet : God One not Three (HP Mansfield) [Ang Diyos ay Isa, Hindi Tatlo]
Pamphlet : God’s Plan with Man (P Watkins) Ang Panukala Ng Dios Sa Tao
Pamphlet : Jehovah’s Witnesses (J Ullman) [Sino ang mga Tunay na Saksi ng Diyos?]
Pamphlet : Key to the Bible (HP Mansfield) [Susi sa Kaunawaan ng Biblia]
Pamphlet : Key to Unlock your Bible (HP Mansfield?) Yawe Alang Sa Pagsabut Sa Biblia
Pamphlet : Living the Truth (CBM) Pagkinabuhi Diha Sa Matu-Od
Pamphlet : One Bible Many Churches, does it Matter? (D Gillett) Isang Biblia Maraming Inglesia Wala Bang
Pamphlet : One God Not Three Herald (HP Mansfield) [Logos Ang Diyos Ay Isa Hindi Tatlo]
Pamphlet : Promises God Never Kept (HA Whittaker) Ang Pangako Na Madaling Tutuparin Ng Diyos.
Pamphlet : Speaking in Tongues (HP Mansfield) [???]
Pamphlet : ??? (PB Jimeno) [Sta Biblia]
Pamphlet : ??? (PB Jimeno) [Cuan na Cataoan Biblia]
Bill : Bible Truths about God, Christ and Man [Ti sursuro nga pudno ti Biblia maipapan ti Dios, Cristo ken tao]
Bill : Facing the Facts about God [Akaarap Ed Saray Katuaan Nipaakar Ed Dios]
Bill : Facing the Facts about Jesus [Akaarap Ed Saray Katuaan Nipaakar Ed Jesua]
Bill : ??? [Say Panarian Na Dios Nitan La]

Study notes 1989 : 2 Peter [II Pedro]
Study notes 1990 : 7 Days to Golgotha [Pitong Araw Patungong Golgota]
Study notes 1991 : Philippians [Filipos]
Study notes 1992 : Letters to the 7 Ecclesias [ ??? ]
Study notes 1993 : ??? [ ??? ]
Study notes 1994 : Parables [Mga Talinghaga]
Study notes 1995 : James [Santiago]
Study notes 1996 : Joseph [ ??? ]
Study notes 1997 : Malachi
Study notes 1998 : ??? [ ??? ]
Study notes 1999 : ??? [ ??? ]
Study notes 2000 : ??? [ ??? ]
Study notes 2001 : ??? [ ??? ]
Study notes 2002 : ??? [ ??? ]
Study notes 2003 : ??? [ ??? ]
Study notes 2004 : ??? [ ??? ]

Magazine : Ang Magandang Balita - some back issues. Out of print.

TAHITIAN (Tahiti, Pacific Islands)


TAIWANESE (not the official language of Taiwan, which is the same as mainland Chinese, but the native dialect)

AUDIO : Taiwanese New Testament 0138620NT1000

TAMIL (70m speakers in Tamil Nadu, SE India, 3m in NW Sri Lanka. Tamil script). Available from Sec. H Harry.

BIBLE : Old Version UBS
BIBLE : Common Language NT
AUDIO : NT (16 cassettes) ASI
0101625NT1000 also Psalms (7 cassettes) ASI 0101625PS1000

Course : CBM 22 Lesson Correspondence Course
Pamphlets : Contact Bangalore Office

TELUGU (70m speakers in Andhra Pradesh, SE India. Telugu script is similar to Tamil).

BIBLE : Telugu Standard Version (UBS Bangalore Hyderabad) some very old fashioned language
BIBLE : Telugu New Version (IBS Madras) not much used
AUDIO : Telugu Standard Version. New Testament 0083635NT1000 (UBS Bangalor)
AUDIO : Telugu Genesis Ecclesiastes (Hyderabad Christadelphians) digitapes

Course : CBM 22 Lesson Correspondence Course 
Book : Bible Basics (Heaster)
Book : Why are we here? (Sharman)
Book : (Daniel James)
Book : Bible Study notes (200 page)

Telugu Booklets
1. It does matter what you believe (CMPA Dennis Gillet) Neevu denini vishwasinchuchunnavu anunadi praamukyamu
2. God Our Father-(Printland series Mark Drabbenstott) Mana thandriyaina Devudu
3. The Holy Spirit Power or Person? (Mike Bull) Parishuddhatma shakthiya leda vyaktha? 
4. Living the Truth (small one, CALS?) Satya jeevithamu
5. Bible Prophecy (CMPA Pearce) Baibulu pravachanamu
6. After Death What? (CMPA Pearce) Maranamu tharuvaatha emiti?
7. One God or Trinity- (James and Deb Flint) Devudu okkada leka thrithvama?
8. Bible Questions and Answers-(from CBM Preparing for Baptism) Bible prashnalu mariyu javaabulu
9. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth-(Printland Stephen Hughes) Ee bhumipai sthaapinchabadu paraloka rajyamu
10. Why Baptism Really Matters-(CMPA Fred Pearce) Baptismamu enduku pramukhyamainadi?
11. Bible Reading Companion (CMPA R Roberts) Anudina Bible pattana pattika
12. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit (CALS Harry Whittaker) Aathma varamulu
13. Devil exposed (18C Epps) Apavaadhi
14. Israel –The Chosen Race (?) Erparchabadina janangamaina israayelu
15. Kingdom of God (CMPA Stanley Owen) Devuni rajyamu
16. Angels God’s Servants (Printland Ian Budden) Devuni sevakulaina doothalu
17. Jesus Christ Man or God? (?)  Yesu Christoo manavuda leka devuda?

Telugu Books
1. Bible Basics (Heaster) Bible aadhaaramulu
2. A Declaration (Bingley & Roberts) Bible grandhapu satyavedika
3. A New Creation-(George Booker) Nuthana srushti
4. Parables of Christ- (Colin Edwards) Christu upamaanamulu
5. Bible Words-(David Whitehouse) Bible padamulu
6. God’s spell-(W.H. Boulton) Devuni suvaartha
7. Word Start-First Steps in Bible Study-(Richard Purkis) Pada aarambamu- Bible abyaasamulo modhati metlu
8. Hebrew-Greek-Telugu- Mini Bible Concordance (Printland) Heebru-greeku-Telugu Bible concordance
9. Ecclesial Guide (Robert Roberts old edition)

Telugu Magazine
Deepamu (Light) dozen issues

TEOCHEW č CHINESE (old spelling for dialect of CHINESE spoken around Chaozhou)

AUDIO : Teochew New Testament ASI 0114640NT1000

THAI (50m speakers)

BIBLE : RV also AUDIO : Thai Bible Society 1971 New Testament ASI 0147660NT1000
BIBLE : NT Common Language Version

Book : Bible Basics (Heaster)
Pamphlets : ???

TIBETAN č CHINESE (1.2m speakers in Tibet, China, but anyone literate can also speak Chinese)

BIBLE : Tibetan Amdo 1933, no audio

TIMORESE č INDONESIAN (dialect spoken in East Timor)

AUDIO : Timorese New Testament 0085650NT1000

TOARIPI (one of many languages of Papua New Guinea)

BIBLE (no audio)

URDU (90m speakers in Pakistan, and India. Closely resembles HINDI but with different script).

BIBLE : Arabic Script (with vowel pointing)
BIBLE : Roman Script (used by tribal people in North Pakistan, much easier for foreigners)

AUDIO : NT Cassettes SWOG and ASI 0087710NT1000

Book: Bible Basics (Heaster)
booklet : Introducing the Christadelphians (Hyndman Printland)


BIBLE : Cadman (Standard Protestant version) also AUDIO : NT ASI 0089715NT1000
BIBLE : Roman Catholic Version 1995 [Nhom Phien Dich] OT is still being completed
BIBLE : Living Bible
1982 [Ban dian y] printed in USA and illegal in Vietnam. AUDIO : Gospel of Mark only

Book : Bible Basics (Heaster)
Correspondence Course : (Logos)
Preparing for Baptism (CBM) (in preparation)
Pamphlet : Bible Our Guide (RC Bingley) (in preparation)
Pamphlet : Baptism, the Mark of the True Disciple of Christ
Pamphlet : What Jesus Does that No Other Prophet Can Do

YI č CHINESE (3m speakers in Yunnan Province, China, but those that are literate read and write in Chinese).

ZHUANG č CHINESE (15m speakers in Guangxi Xhuang Autonomous Region, China, but those that are literate read and write in Chinese).

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