Christadelphian Literature in Bengali

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BANGLA, BENGALI (70m speakers in NE India, 110m in Bangladesh)

BIBLE : Old version and Revised Version. One of these available as AUDIO : New Testament ASI 0010080NT1000
BIBLE : Muslim version
also AUDIO : Bengali (Musalmani) New Testament ASI 0011775NT1000

Bible Basics
God’s Truth – A. Hayward
God Is – A. Hayward
A Life of Jesus

Searching for Bible Truth Book 1
Searching for Bible Truth Book 2
Searching for Bible Truth Book 3
Searching for Bible Truth Book 4
Accompanying Question sheets
Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Distance L. Course
Getting to Know Your Bible
Accompanying ‘Green Cards’
Accompanying ‘Self Correction sheets’
Sunday Teachers Notes – 52 lessons
Sunday School Activity books 5 parts

Now for the Good News
The Bible Our Guide
Key to Understanding the Bible
Olivet Prophecy
Christadelphians - Bros and Sis in Christ
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Simple Truth
The Wonder of Fellowship
The Baptism Jesus Accepts
One God or a Trinity?
The Thief on the Cross
One Bible Many Churches, Why?
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
The Cross Of Christ 
The Breaking Of Bread
Bible Q and A
Living the Truth
Your Share In God's Promises
Israel - God's Land, God's People
Discipleship Of Christ
Heaven And Hell
War And Politics - The Christians Duty
Getting To Know God

Resurrection (Easter Article)
7 things you need to know
Is God a Trinity? (BBT leaflet)
The coming world kingdom/order
If we have faith...
Life and Death – what does the Bible teach?
Your Kingdom Come
Why Preach?
26 Points ‘Original Gospel’
Walking the New Life – R Hicks (Devotional for Members only)
Does the Trinity agree with the Bible? Jeff Berry
The Original Gospel (Blue leaflet)
Heaven and Hell (BBT)
The Devil (BBT)
Bible Basics Leaflets 1-4
Bible Basics Leaflets 5-10

STUDY NOTES (1 side of A4)
Israel’s scattering and return
Glorify your Father who is in heaven
Final Call of Jesus to a Jewish World
Map of NT
Bible Reading Chart
God’s plan for the World chart
Daniel 2 Chart
God’s Character

Feedback ‘Christian Life’ weekend
The Christian and Work
The Christian and Leisure
‘Searching for Truth’ Multiple Choice Questions