Anew preaching book has been written by Brother Tec Morgan entitled 'Understand the Bible for yourself'. 

The content of the book is based on the Letter to the Romans. This is an ideal foundation, since within that letter the apostle Paul covers all the main doctrines of the gospel of Christ. Not only that, but he also outlines many aspects of life as a disciple of Jesus.
The book is a substantial work of 30 chapters, starting with 'The Gospel of God' which Paul introduces in Romans 1, and ending with a chapter on 'What should I do now?', aimed at getting students to consider the impact of the gospel call on their lives.

The book includes questions at the end of each chapter, which tutors can use to check the understanding of their students as they progress.

Please note that this book is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for the 40-lesson course, which should still form the first line of contact with new students. Understand the Bible for yourself should rather be used as a follow-up to the 40-lesson course, to help students look further into the gospel message and get a fuller understanding of what the Bible teaches. 

It can be used as a useful bridge between the 40-lesson course and the 'New Life in Christ' course, which is aimed at students nearing baptism or recently baptised.

Translation work on this book is already under way in a number of languages and in due course, key language versions will be made available. This is not an overnight process, however, and it will take time to translate and print additional language versions.

A large shipment of the book has now arrived in the UK and it is available to order from the Christadelphian Office. The Office can despatch directly to students if wished.

Literature Secretary
Christadelphian Bible Mission
October 2006

Note: A temporary location for the files of the 'Understand the Bible for Yourself' has been set up on the www-god-so-loved-the-world.org fieldworker archive http://www.god-so-loved-the-world.org/english/utbindex.htm