Christadelphian Literature in Burmese

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BURMESE (30m speakers in Union of Myanmar, which used to be called Burma)

BIBLE : Judson Version (no audio) Translated from KJV and never revised. Only Asian version with 1John4 comma.

PAMPHLETS (reading order)

Jesus Christ God the Son or Son of God (?)
Why Baptism Really Matters (?)
The Cross of Christ (?)
The Trinity (Flint)

PAMPHLETS (printing order)

These pamphlets are intended for printing. This means that the pages will not be in the right order unless the booklet is printed and folded.

The Bible our Guide (?)
Christ is Coming (?)
Jerusalem and the Holy Land (?)
Kingdom of God on Earth (?)
Miracle of The Bible (?)
Preparing for Baptism (?)
The Divine Origin of the Bible (?)
Your Share in God's Promise (?)


These pamphlets have been translated, but are not available on this website.

Does God hear Prayer? (M Owen CMPA)
Why does God allow suffering (Sargent CMPA)
Heaven and Hell (Fifield CMPA)
After death-what? (Pearce CMPA)
The Son of God or God the son (Pearce CMPA)
One Gospel (?)
The Spirit of God (?)